Value Added

“HYPPOS brings together over 150 person-years of deep & relevant industry experience”

HYPPOS is a market-driven solution conceived from customer feedback. It is a decision support tool with advanced material tracking capabilities for the rapid categorisation and visualisation of material as it flows through the production process, providing the most up-to-date data about material and product quality to all production staff, allowing effective collaboration and timely response to production issues.


Tracks quality issues from the start in real-time
Allows for corrective action earlier in the process and, therefore, more first time right polymer product. Meaning less energy consumption and CO2 emissions, transitioning to a sustainable manufacturing processes.

Technology blocks

Blocks of technology for process modelling
Providing scalability, expand-ability and flexibility. Allows for faster response to changes in market needs and/or regulatory requirements.


Effective collaboration throughout the globe
Users can collaborate easily either in one location or across various sites & geographies. This makes analytics and visualization accessible, shortens response times and enables propagation of best practices.


All-in-one deep tech decision support toolkit
Thus, deployment becomes faster and less costly. Remote installation and commissioning are also offered.

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