It was a pleasure to attend ESCAPE33 in Athens between 18-21 June 2023 where Hyperion presented 2 papers.

  1. Achieving Operational Excellence by Combining Material Tracking and On-line Polymer Analysis and Classification data in an all-in-one Integrated Decision Support System.
  2. Prediction of Melt Flow Rate (MFR) in polymer production, with auto-regressive Machine Learning algorithms, for multivariate time-series measured in irregular timestamps. Read more

CyI Presentation (May 2023)

The “EMBED-AI” project is funded by RIF, has 1 year duration and is a collaboration between Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd. ( and The Cyprus Institute.

The goal of this project is to develop machine learning algorithms to predict the quality of material during the polymer production process in real time, in effect creating virtual analysis instruments (soft sensors) to monitor material quality parameters in real-time. The algorithms use time series historical data taken from the plant’s instrumentation as input for training and prediction. These algorithms are integrated with HYPPOS (Hyperion Predictive Production Online Software) which provides the raw data for the algorithms and manages the predictions while tracking the quality and location of the produced polymer.

This project builds on the results of an earlier collaboration and Proof of Concept implemented via the EuroCC project which The Cyprus Institutes participates in.

Read more


“Next Generation Process Material Tracking and Analytics for the Process Industries Using Machine Learning Algorithms”, a joint paper presented by Hyperion Systems Engineering Group and CaSToRC at The Cyprus Institute, at the EMCIS is now available to download for a limited period at the following link. Read more