Deep tech decision support tool
Deep tech decision support tool
  • Positioned at Tactical Management Level.
  • Collects data from systems at Transactional Management Level.
  • Feeds & receives data from systems at Strategic Management Level (e.g., SAP).
  • Co-exists & interacts with other systems at Tactical Management Level.

“HYPPOS provides real-time feedback that allows operators to keep product quality in-spec by adjusting processes during operation, benefiting productivity in continuous manufacturing processes”

HYPPOS is an all-in-one deep tech decision-support tool that integrates with production level and business management level IT components. It collects data from OPC servers and is compatible with main historian software. HYPPOS transforms data collected by other components for display, makes test data visible early, and tracks the effects in real-time.

It addresses specific industry challenges related to quality traceability, real-time analysis, rapid identification, accurate reporting, process visualization, and quality consistency. With real-time process data and effective communication between operators and managers in one platform, corrective actions to improve batch quality can be taken promptly.

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Multi-system integration

The Hyperion Predictive Production Online Software is based on the digital twin concept with application in the process manufacturing industry. The twin tracks material and quality data from the production equipment and is synchronised using live values from the production process. HYPPOS combines digital twin data with data collected from other systems, i.e., laboratory test results (LIMS) and ERP, to provide users with a unique view of the state of the production process.

Multi-system integration
OPC and other external systems

HYPPOS provides seamless integration with various external systems, such as Open Platform Communications (OPC) engines, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

HYPPOS is itself a platform-independent system, but it can be run on top of the main Historian software that is used in the sector.

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