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May 2022

HYPPOS had a frontline position during the ABB Energy Industries ( special edition webinar on “Improving efficiency, quality and sustainability in polymer production”. HYPPOS solution architect, Symon Doe and Symeon Kassianides presented the solution and the ways in which our digital twin technology can help solve some of today’s biggest challenges in polymer production.

The webinar also featured a key contribution by Nicos Perperis from the Hellenic Petroleum Polypropelene production plant who shared experiences and benefits from the use of HYPPOS. Hellenic Petroleum ( is Hyperion’s official HYPPOS launching partner and has been using the technology in productive use at the Thessaloniki PP plant for over 18 months.

Click here to download the presentation slides and see below the video recording of the webinar.

March 2022

HYPPOS’ successful selection of Project EMBED-AI for funding by the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation

Hyperion has successfully released HYPPOS v.1.0 within the framework of the 2nd Opportunity grant from the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation. Drawing from the HYPPOS-Machine Learning (ML) Smart Sensors project findings, through Project EMBED-Al, Hyperion has been seeking support towards the technological upscale, optimization, demonstration, and exploitation of HYPPOS-AI as an Industry 4.0 solution. Figure 1 illustrates the HYPPOS completed projects, deliverables, and technical readiness levels:

HYPPOS projects, deliverables, & technical readiness levels
Figure 1: HYPPOS completed projects, deliverables & technical readiness levels
The Cyprus Institute

Hyperion Group is proud to announce that its HYPPOS-related project Embed-AI was selected for funding for by the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation within the context of Research in Enterprises (Bridge Programmes). The main objectives of project EMBED-Al are to validate the scientific and technical targets of HYPPOS-AI prototype v.2 in an operational environment and to intensify Hyperion’s research and development in AI/ML, and innovation activities.

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is the participating research partner of Hyperion that will support the project with through its engagement through the technology transfer of AI/ML expertise to Hyperion.

March 2021
The Cyprus Institute

We are pleased to announce our recent collaboration with The Cyprus Institute involving High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which falls under the framework of the EuroCC project.

Machine Learning algorithms
Machine Learning algorithms

Computational scientists at the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) are developing ML algorithms with Hyperion that use vast amounts of production plant measurement data to develop models to predict critical quality parameters of the processed material based on real-time conditions. The models will be embedded in Hyperion’s solutions and serve as virtual instrumentation that will infer measurements that can be used to help isolate low quality material more efficiently and dramatically reduce waste and, thus, costs for a plant.

October 2020

2nd Opportunity SME-II Grant number: OPPORTUNITY/0916/SME-II/0005, Research & Innovation Foundation, Cyprus

HYPPOS receives €700K funding from the Research & Innovation Foundation towards further development with project duration of two years (10.2018-10.2020). In June 2020, HYPPOS entered its Beta Testing phase at the state-of-the art polypropylene plant of Hellenic Petroleum petrochemicals unit in Thessaloniki, Greece which was pivotal for the success of the project for two reasons. Despite the challenges due to travel restrictions and prohibition of external visitors to plant floors imposed by COVID-19, even after the lock-down periods, we took the opportunity to develop a dedicated procedure for remote commissioning.

July 2020
ICCCE 2020

ICCCE 2020: 11th International Conference on Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

The HYPPOS solution is presented at the ICCCE 2020 11th International Conference on Chemistry & Chemical Engineering in Cambridge, United Kingdom on 08-10 July 2020 by Sofia Louloudi. The presentation of this conference is available for download here.

May 2020
ICCPE 2020

ICCPE 2020: 9th International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering

The HYPPOS solution is presented at the ICCPE 2020 9th International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering in Moscow, Russia on 20-22 May 2020 by Sofia Louloudi. The presentation of this conference is available for download here.

May 2020
United States Patent and Trademark Office

HYPPOS patent application

HYPPOS files for a patent application with the US Patent office (Prov. No. 63/015,295).

April 2020
Hellenic Petroleum HELPE

HELPE & HYPERION: Partnering

Hyperion Systems Engineering sign a memorandum of understanding with Hellenic Petroleum for their Polymer Plant in Thessaloniki to become official Beta Testers and Launching Partners of HYPPOS.

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