“Besides its superior functionality, HYPPOS rapid deployment and delivery translates into a higher profit margins for our customers compared to solutions from other vendors”

Industry challenges
Batch tracking for continuous processes

Batch tracking for continuous processes
Polymer processes are typically continuous, with production stream divided into batches. Not a traditional batch tracking problem.


Traceability & accurate record keeping
Major part of quality assurance is to keep records of raw materials, process conditions, and analysis during each batch production.

Data visibility

Comprehensive information visibility
Apart from accurate control, operators require information about process and visibility of anything that affects product quality.

How HYPPOS addresses the challenges
Without HYPPOS

In polymer manufacturing, even a small amount of off-spec material can impact batch quality. Lack of visibility of whether, when, and how such off-spec material is produced, and the inability to take corrective actions, can lead to loss of profits. With HYPPOS, visibility is provided, quality issues can be identified and tracked in real-time. This allows for corrective actions earlier in the process, leading to improved product quality and less waste. HYPPOS provides the means to reduce waste and improve efficiency while creating a positive impact on the environment, reducing costs, and increasing profits.

Benefits of HYPPOS
Increase differentiation and competitiveness

Increase differentiation & competitiveness
It offers a solution that brings substantial cost efficiency to its bottom line (increased revenues by up to 1.5% and 25% reduction in equipment changeover time).

Achieve sustainability targets in line with EU Green Deal

Achieve sustainability targets in line with EU Green Deal
Could result in reduction of 4 million kilograms of CO2 per month per plant.

Insights of bespoke solutions to handle new challenges

Insights of bespoke solutions to handle new challenges
Used in an efficient environment to allow for better handling of new challenges that required regulatory changes in manufacturing operations may bring.

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